Über DesDou

My name is Michael Patzleiner, I am 23 years old and work with my father (Georg) in the Federkielstickerei (quill embroidery) Patzleiner Georg.
Our workshop is located in Braies/South Tyrol and was founded by my father about 30 years ago. My father's craft - quill embroidery - has now been practised by him for 40 years.

While my father devotes himself to traditional work, I use my skills in my own way: I now make all kinds of things, from classic leather goodes to special custom requests.

I really enjoy developing, testing and perfecting new prototypes of wallets and similar things.
Whether it's a wallet, a case for various technical devices, I always take on these tasks with enthusiasm and pleasure.

In July 2022, the sole proprietorship DesDou was founded. From then on I work independently as a leather goods manufacturer.

Recently I have started to burn motifs into the leather with the help of lasers. This opens up many new possibilities!

In our workshop I have already designed and implemented many things. Thus, I could give pleasure to many customers, which has always delighted me. If you are interested in one of our products, do not hesitate and contact me. I am happy about every request!

Michael Patzleiner von DesDOu

What does the name mean?

DesDou - our origin

For people who come from my area, this is not a difficult question. The name comes from our South Tyrolean-Pustertal dialect and means nothing else than: This.

To show where we come from and who we are I have chosen this distinctive name.

For me, DesDou is a way of practising a craft in this age of online commerce where sustainability and fairness are paramount!

The Goals Of DesDou

Our goals

Our capabilities lie in the production of durable and high quality leather goods.
On the market often cheaper alternatives are preferred, which not infrequently have a shorter service life and therefore have to be bought more often.

This is likely to end up being equally expensive and wasting more resources.

We want to find a way to run our business in today's world without supporting exploitation of workers and pollution of the environment by selling high quality products that are designed to please the buyer for a long time.

Furthermore, we also pay attention to the origin of the materials and are thus constantly on the lookout for fair, local and durable components for our products.

All our products are 100% created by us in the workshop!
Since you can bring in your wishes, a unique piece of personal value is created which will certainly accompany you for a very long time.

Instead of quantity, we focus on quality!

If you want to learn more about us, feel free to contact us!

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